Working at the Resort for over six years, Shyam started at the bottom of his department, now with three promotions under he belt is Chief Concierge. Wether it's sending laundry off to get cleaned, driving guests to the air port, helping guests to their rooms or making sure everything nothing is left behind. All in a days work, confident in his role, never stressed, at least on the outside :-)

If for the very first time, the phone rings and is politely answered, "Good Afternoon, Shyam speaking, how may I help you". Possibly walking 10,000 to 15,000 steps a shift, Shyam heads off to one of his many destinations of the day.

Good afternoon, I am here to collect your luggage.

How hard is this task, not hard at all you say. But what if I ask you, make it feel like it is the first time you have done this, and make your guest feel very special, ahh now comes the challenge of great hospitality. All in a days work for the very special Mr. Shyam from Nepal.

Wanting to find out more about Shyam, we headed out for a good chat over a relaxing meal.

At school Shyam enjoyed playing football, but must have paid attention because he has got a good business head on his shoulder, really understanding the importance of customer service.

Being away from your family must be tough, seeing his wife, sone (12) and daughter (2) for only a one month every year and yet all see's to be going well for this young man with a compassionate soul, taking 6months off work to care for his mum who is now doing well.

On his one day off a week are spent cleaning, washing, cooking and talking to his wife, son (12) and daughter (2) back in Nepal.

Shyam is looking forward to the day when he can be with his family full time and restart their successful ladies fashion store, as he says "no husband can say no to his wife if she wants a new dress", how true. Wise guy.

One of the big surprises of the night from this gentle and kind guy is that he still has an interest in getting fit again with what sounds like a bit of a passion - kick boxing.

Offered a room to himself he chooses to share with three other guys for the company.

Well it's time for me to head off and leaving Shyam to spend some time with his family.

Thanks for a great night Shyam and all the best for the future.