I made a new brother today, Walid from Syria ...

As it happens in Kuwait you strike up a conversation with someone, either of you not knowing the others language, but you get bye.  Walid comes from a big family of 10.  I think 5 brothers and 5 Sisters, wow. Walid is next to me, and one of Walids brothers is next to him and the youngest brother took the photo - how cool to have all your family so close to you.


Walid was the perfect host. Two cold bottles of cold water, swapping you-tube videos was fun, family photos on our smart phones, a great invention for sharing stories. I was already to go after an hour, but Walid had different plans. "Just wait a few minutes" he said. I waited and he comes back with all this food, then he took off again to buy drinks.  What a great Syrian meal. Chicken, rice, chilli sauce, raw onions, natural yogurt, some sort of herbal or mint style soup in the bowl; eating on the floor with my hands and sharing a meal with Walid and his brothers is a nice memory that I will have forever.


I had the nice mat with a cushion. Ok, so with the chicken and rice finished and me as well, I was so full, it was time to sit back and relax before heading back to the camp, but wait, theres still more ...

 Washing day

Walid comes back with a Cappuccino and a cup full of ice cream with a cone. Where was I going to put this, and how nice is this Walid. I managed to finish the Cappuccino and Walid thank God helped me out with the ice cream.

 Muhammad Hussain

It was good to see some business coming in the door. Someone needed some oil, another a new tyre, someone else, pull that nail out and repair and I think test this battery. Invoices all filled out, very professional and quick.

So I still had my Subway and two drinks from nearly three hours before, and it was now really time to head back to camp. With some BIG hugs and kisses on each check I said bye, for now, to my new brother, Walid from Syria.

Thank you Walid for showing such generosity and friendship, it was all very unexpected and appreciated.

As I took my 30 minute trip back to camp I starting thinking how much I was getting out of these stories, and no not just the free meals. Meeting all these new people with families and ....... just life - I just felt grateful that I had the opportunity through having a camera with me and a willingness to explore.

What will happen next? your guess is as good as mine.