Day 10 - Number 3, 2014 'Books'

Ok, so I am not quite ready to call every image by a number.

Books or Number 3, 2014 started out quite by accident. I was looking for some paper and came across these 'Accountant Ledgers' 17.5" x 12" absolutely beautiful 1 1/2" think full of blank paper. It is time like this I wish I could draw.

 Accountant Ledgers, 17.5" x 12.5" captured with iPhone 5, vision with  Snapseed

Accountant Ledgers, 17.5" x 12.5" captured with iPhone 5, vision with Snapseed

I absolutely love books, there is a place near where I live called Berkelouw's that is a must if you are every in Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Queensland. I saw am image that I liked, it was just full of books, so I did my own. Trying to make the image more meaningful got me thinking how technology has changed the way we buy, read and use books.

Enter the iPad or Kindle or what ever digital book reader you use.  They are great I have a mini iPad and have lots of books downloaded from Kindle Store. But I am still of the age that remembers "The Time Before iPads". The touch of the cover's texture and the smell of the paper, all make the experience more tactile and enjoyable, for me anyway.

So back to the image, Books. I created two images and combined them.

The first is the Accountant Ledger and computer image on the desk, with all the distractions removed and the second is by book pile image. I made the image in the book look old, given the new technology advances and placed it on the pages of the Accountant Ledger using a Photoshop technique called 'Displacement Mapping'.

On the computer screen we can clearly see the Amazon Kindle Store showing a Kindle, creating a juxtaposition between the old and the new, now and the past, paper and technology. What ever way you want to look at it, i.e. the vision behind me creating Number 3, 2014; Books.

We also have the rays shining from the computer display onto the book as if it is saying "I am Diviine, I am Better!"


  Number 3, 2014; Books

Number 3, 2014; Books

The Making of Number 3, 2014; Books

Until tomorrow.