Day 12 - Number 5, 2014 'The Gallery'

I took this photo because I enjoyed the space, light, texture and leading lines created by the walls, floor and roof supports. Little did I realise where this  room 'The Gallery' would take me.

One of the good things about Project365 is that you take plenty of photos each day but as you only get to pick one, there are a few spares you can use latter if needed.

When I processed the room image raw file, my eye were naturally drawn down the walls, past the light coming through the door and finally towards the end wall. I though what a great place to put a sea container, as you do.  Happy with how the image, 'Mural' looked in its new space I went searching for three other images (two for the walls and one for the floor) that would complement the space and texture of the existing sea container.

I am really happy with the final result. It really looks like a street artist has been busy with their chalks.

 Number 5, 2015/The Gallery

Number 5, 2015/The Gallery

Project365 Reflection

Although it has only been twelve days I am really surprised at what is happen to me.

Everywhere I look, I now see Colour, Lines, Shapes and Texture, it's wonderful watching this new world appearing before me.

I now feel I walk around all the time focussing on the end point without taking care to enjoy the journey. While it's great to get to your destination, I realise it is worthwhile to also enjoy the journey, which can be just as good, even better than the destination. Unless your going back home to see your wife after being away for four weeks.

What I am now hoping and expecting, is that my pre-visualisation of the final image will improve dramatically.

What every happens, with just over 50 (353 Images) more weeks to go, I know there will be plenty of surprises along the path to my final destination, Day 365.

I also acknowledge that this Project365 will likely only be the fist conscious step along my journey to develop a better photographic vision of my style.

Until tomorrow.