Day 134|14-15

Artwork of the Day

Nearly 140 km from Queenstown and 971 meters above sea level Lindis Pass is worth the trip.  For many months of the year, you can expect to see snow in this mountainous area - often down to the roadside.  This image taken September 2014 shows just a few patches of snow left.

On his arrival in Auckland in February 1856 on the Ashmore, John Turnbull Thomson found that his reputation in Singapore had preceded him and he was offered the position of chief surveyor of Otago. He explored the Waitaki River to its source at the head of Lake Pukaki, and crossed and named the Lindis Pass, called after Lindisfarne Island near his home.

On the technical side this was an extremely challenging file. The image was made up from 16, 645DF P65+ files. That's nearly 1 TB of raw fills, when converted to 16 bits I ended up with a 2.1 GB file, even before I started to play with it.

I ended up making five files before finishing on the the sixth final image as I had to keep flattening the file when I got to 8 to 11 GB so I could work on it, and I have 24GB Ram on my Mac Pro.

I think the image is an amazing example of what a Mega-Pan can achieve. The image shown below is 1% of the original, yes it is a very big image at full resolution. Look for my car parked in the foreground to the left.

Artwork Day 134\14-15

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