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People + Stories

People, strangers have such wonderful stories. How did we get so disconnected from each other.

We stay 'safe' in our worlds. If we could only find the courage to say "Hello", to take a step beyond our comfort zone, we will find something amazing, life.


4000 Stories Feature 1

5:52 am and 35 deg celsius, workers are coming back to camp from nightshift. Grab some food, relax before it all starts again. But what happens when you stop and talk to a 'stranger' ...


4000 Stories Feature 4

Having just left Subway (Feature 3) I was heading back to my car and I thought why not.  I had walked past this workshop plenty of times and just wanted to get a quick snap, nearly three hours later I said goodbye to Walid (striped shirt) from Syria, a true gentleman ...


4000 Stories Feature 2 

It's just past 5 am and I feeling pretty lazy given these guys are already getting stuck into levelling out the new mosque floor. Plenty more to see, lets go ...

Social Documentary

4000 Stories Feature 5

Something that I rarely do is call someone up and ask "would you like to come for a drive to Kuwait City and get a bite to eat". Today was one of those rare days when I asked Sachin my Deputy Safety Manager. We both had such a great time, it might just be time to do it more often ...

4000 Stories Feature 3

Life is full of surprises when you least expect them. What started out as a short trip to Subway turned into an adventure lasting nearly 3 hours ...                

Social Documentary

4000 Stories Feature 6

The big news about this story is that I am overcoming my fear of taking photos of strangers. The photos were taken on my way the the shops, at the shops and when I got back to my room. Lots of faces ...