Welcome to the Anthropocene Project

The Anthropocene defines Earth's most recent geologic time period as being human-influenced, or anthropogenic, based on overwhelming global evidence that atmospheric, geologic, hydrologic, biospheric and other Earth systems processes are now altered by humans.

It has two goals derived from the theme of Resilience Thinking

  1. Broaden Participation - "Broad and well-functioning participation can build trust, create a shared understanding and uncover perspectives that may not be acquired through more traditional scientific processes."

  2. Encourage Learning - "Learning and experimentation through adaptive and collaborative management is an important mechanism for building resilience in social-ecological systems. It ensures that different types and sources of knowledge are valued and considered when developing solutions, and leads to greater willingness to experiment and take risks."

The following three minute film will take you on a journey through the last 250 years from the start of the Industrial Revolution to today. The film opened the UN's Rio+20 summit, the largest event in the UN's history.

The Anthropocene Project is a work in progress, started 2 July 2016 while studying a Bachelor of Arts - Photography in Visual Communication.