Artist Statement

Portrait photography was always going to be my choice of genre having a passion for people. My goal is to capture more than a likeness. I want to get behind the face and see you.

Socrates, the Greek philosopher, once said: “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom”.

In my search for wisdom to better capture the essence of you, I started with myself. I asked who am I? How do my public and private self’s differ?

I completed four personality tests and found my common traits. With these traits in hand, I started “Self, working with me” to communicate in a self-portrait what I learnt.

What do you see? Calm, easy-going, organised, frustrated, angry, creative or something more. Be careful it may also say something about you.

I have a face, but a face is not what I am. Behind it lies a mind, which you do not see but which looks out on you. The face, which you see but I do not, is a medium I own to express something of what I am. Or so it seems till I turn to the mirror. Then, my face may seem to own me; to confront me as a condition to which I am bound.
— Julian Bell, Five Hundred Self-Portraits

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